Graduation Ideas

At Tudor we want you to have the ability to choose across our Polo designs and back artwork templates. We can supply you with “mock up” files and have shown you some ideas using artwork with names, without names or with individual names on the front.

If some of our designs are too “busy” for you, we have simplified everything by just using sleeve only designs. Our options are endless – you just need to tell us. There is no extra charge for mock ups but we ask that you request a maximum of 3.

If you want to design your own garment we can reproduce that for you too- again below are some examples.

General Ideas

Design 119 with 3-D Blast artwork

Design 202 with Chunky Plaque artwork

Design 212 with Basic Design artwork

Design 218 with Spikey artwork

Design 233 with School Designed artwork

Simplified Ideas

Design 202 with Sports Star Design

Design 202 with Chunky Plaque Design

Design 218 with Streets Design

Design 218 with Electric Design

Design Your Own