Final Year / Graduation

Our Final Year Artwork looks great on either the classic panelled polo, or the lightweight sublimated polo.

We offer a choice of one- or two-colour prints on the panelled polos. The sublimated polo allows for multi colour printing and can also produce a very effective fade-effect on some of our artwork designs. Please see the links on the side bar for all our design options.

The decision on the style and artwork option for a final year garment can be daunting.  Listed below are recommendations to help you in your decision making process.

Option  1 – No Names :
An option suitable for all schools regardless of size is a large print on the back of any of  our panelled or sublimated polo designs, which excludes student/teacher names.

This option allows for a quick artwork approval process and can speed up the overall production time.  It allows for shirts to be ordered in advance of the beginning of the school year, as student names are not included.Option 1 - No Names

Option 2 – Names:
This option lists the entire cohort as part of the print design.  It is suitable for both panelled and sublimated polo designs.  It is the most popular option chosen by schools as it allows each graduating student to be identified on the shirt.  Any of our one-colour/two-colour artwork options can be used for this print option. Option 2 - Names

Option 3 – Create your own artwork design

Some schools like to be truly unique and create their own artwork design.  This is most effective on the sublimated polo where your choices of design and colour are endless.  Our designers will work with you to create something truly individual.  And you do not have to be an artist for this to be effective.  Our designers can work with the most basic designs and transform it into a graduation shirt not to be forgotten.

And the best news is that there is absolutely no additional cost to create your own design.Option 3 - Create Your Own