Sublimated Polos

An increasingly popular alternative to the traditional panelled polo is the sublimated polo.  Sublimation is a unique print process that impregnates the colour directly into the fabric, creating vibrant and long lasting colours. Sublimation allows for more complicated designs without seams, and depending on the design of the polo, can also provide great multi-coloured fade-effects.

Whilst all sublimated garments are made out of polyester, the wicking effect means the wearer can feel cool on a hot day. We offer a range of polyester weights from lightweight shirts for the more ‘sporty look’, to a heavyweight rugby-style top.

All our sublimated polo designs can be created in your school colours; designs show example colour combinations only. Mock artwork can be prepared with your chosen colours and colour palette swatches are available upon request.

Designs marked with an asterisk are not authentic Indigenous designs, they are representation only. We invite you to submit your own artwork which can be replicated.