Graduation / Trip Garments

How to Order Final Year and Trip Garments

Traditional Panelled Polos and Trip Garments:

Traditional panelled polos and trip garments are manufactured prior to being printed. To ensure we meet delivery deadlines, we ask you to follow the steps below:

1. Decide on the design of your garment – including collar details, fabric and approximate quantity.
NB: Artwork can be decided as garments are in production.

If you require a firm quote for administration, use the Quote Link or call/email the office.

2. Use our Sizing Link for chest measurements, or request a size range to be sent out for trying on.

3. Finalise your order quantity and email, ring, or fax it through to us, and we will commence production of your garment. Please remember children grow, so we strongly recommend children order ‘up a size’ to allow for growth throughout the year. A Sales Order Confirmation will be sent to you confirming your order and expected delivery date (approximately 6 weeks).

NB: Please carefully consider the quantity of garments ordered, as significant surcharges apply for additional orders of 10 or less.  To avoid such costs, we strongly encourage schools to order additional shirts to accommodate new students to the school.

4. Decide on the artwork – front and back. We have a great selection of Final Year Artwork designs in our Artwork Designs Link, available as a one-colour, or two-colour print option, or you can design your own back artwork at no extra cost.

Please provide student and/or teacher names, via email, in an Excel or Word file, listing names in the order they are to be printed, that is, alphabetically, by class, upper or lower case etc.

School logos can be printed or embroidered – simply provide us with a .jpeg file and we will take care of the rest.

5. Draft artwork will be sent to you via email for your review and approval. Please note: Garments will not be printed until the final artwork is approved.

6. Garments are printed and despatched!

Sublimated Polos:

The sublimation process varies slightly to that of panelled polos. We cannot go into production of the sublimated garment until all the design information and artwork is approved.

Follow Steps 1-4 and submit your order details, ie polo design, artwork and student/teacher names as early as possible. A Sales Order Confirmation will be sent to you within 3 business days and draft artwork will be emailed to you, normally within a 10 working days, for your approval.

Production can begin once we receive size requirements and artwork is approved. Delivery will be approximately 6 weeks from receipt of this information.


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